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By the year 2010, our troops will be out of Iraq, re-entering the workforce, and will be bringing with them incredible talent and experience.  Companies like yours will be actively searching to hire them, and now you will have a unique setting in which to find them. is an online
community designed for Veterans returning to the workforce  and the Companies looking to hire them.  It is a place where Employers, Veterans, Mentors, Subject Matter Experts and Military organizations come together in real-time to leverage each other’s skills and experience, brand, market, engage and communicate with the common goal of

Our site is not only a job board or a collection of Information and professional tips, but a professional community where the Recruiters, Candidates and Military organizations engage each other through video, blogs, posts, news, wikis, and groups through a unique interactive setting.   Now you can evaluate candidates through usage patterns prior to engaging them and you can brand and market your company by expanding your reach in ways you never could before.  


Some Community Features

· Unlimited content activity

· Unlimited company users

· Unlimited group creation

· Comprehensive reporting

· Public or private content

· Unlimited search



































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